Why do we celebrate Christmas in July in Australia?

Author: Corinne   Date Posted:4 June 2018 

Celebrating Christmas in July brings meaning to a cold Christmas.

Cause "Baby, it’s cold outside"!

July is generally the coldest month of winter, so celebrations emulate the atmosphere of the archetypal northern hemisphere winter. Commonly referred to as Yulefest or Yuletide, meaning midwinter feast. So that means hearty warming foods like roasts, and warm drinks in front of fireplaces and bonfires.

To have the wonderful song by Bing Crosby of ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ to have any meaning, Christmas will have to be celebrated when snow is on the ground or it is cold outside. Often we are so busy in December that we miss the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy Christmas with family and friends.

Here at Christmas Complete we just like the idea of celebrating Christmas more than once a year!!

Christmas is July is often celebrated on the weekend closest to 25 July, but anytime is perfect for a winter Christmas celebration.

Christmas in July is great to:

  • Create a new family tradition of celebrating the joy of Christmas around a theme of family, food and fun
  • Fundraising events theme
  • Catch up with friends you don’t normally get to see over summer

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