Styling Your Home and Lawn for the Holiday Season

Author: Corinne   Date Posted:7 January 2018 

The holiday season is here!

The holiday season is here! Many of us keep putting up the same lights every year, but let's be honest -- Christmas light technology has come a long way. We all have a crazy neighbour who absolutely covers his lawn with lustrous LED lights. Start looking early for some shiny new decorations before that crazy neighbour buys out all of the shops again!

There's more to outdoor Christmas decoration than a bauble-covered tree and some dangling lights on the house. It's the theatrical display of glistening figures and animated lights that causes people to look back as they drive by. Organising these displays is also what gives you room to be creative! For example, most people can't help but smile when they see a reindeer chasing Santa Claus on someone's front lawn. Whether you want a Christmas wonderland or merely something to spread a laugh, it's best to plan things out early!

Inside the home, we like to hoard boxes upon boxes of knick-knacks and tangled up lights (with bulbs burnt out, of course). With all of this clutter, you eventually reach a point where what remains of grandma's old ornaments should go into retirement (for their own protection). This is a great opportunity to bring your decor up to date! LED lights are the quarter stone of modern Christmas decor, and they aren't going anywhere for awhile. Not only are they energy efficient by not producing heat, but they also last over 20 times as long as old incandescent light bulbs! It's always important be aware of how bare the tree starts looking after years of fallen ornaments. It's also important to ensure that your tree is styling with the ornaments you have! Most would agree that there are two types of ornaments: unique ornaments and filler ornaments. The unique ornaments are where memories are contained, and filler ornaments are the ones that always need updating. It may be time to replace those thin-monotone abominations for something more modern.

Many of the best motifs and silhouette attractive display pieces sell out really fast, so be aware, get in early in order to make sure that you have the best choices.

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