Starting an awesome Christmas Light display

Author: Corinne   Date Posted:1 August 2018 

If you are just starting out with outdoor Christmas Lights, here are a few handy hints we have learnt along the way.



  1. Purchase wisely

Sure you can make your budget spread further by opting for cheap lights, but this will work out much more expensive next year. This is one area where investing in quality products will be very worthwhile to your overall budget. Good quality lights will work consistently well for several years when well cared for, saving you lots of time and frustration with lights half working or not at all by next year. Quality lights also shine brighter and have a lustre that cannot be replicated by cheaper versions ….. and we want to look impressive!

  1. Grow your collection gradually

It is fun to add to your collection every year and make your lights display different year after year. If you add a few pieces to your collection each year, it will make less of a dent in your wallet and your display will always be different and interesting, plus you will have new lights to get excited about and can add the latest products to your assortment. You can even splurge on those fabulous large motifs one year!!

  1. Seek advice from those who have done it before

Talk to friends, family and colleagues who have done light displays about what they use and find works well. There are so many types of lights and many are designed to make your display look magical with the minimum of fuss. Think through where you want your lights to feature and how you want your design to look. At Christmas Complete we are only too happy to assist in the design process, so get in contact with us.

  1. Take care when installing your display

Always check your lights are in perfect working order before you start installing, even if they are new. Be sure you have plenty of cable ties, clips and cup hooks to make your display easy to manage – they are your best friend! It can never be said enough, think safety first when getting up on ladders; this is not the time of year to be performing reckless stuntman antics.

  1. Pack your lights away

Whilst it is tempting to leave your lights up for several months or even until the next year, it is worth the time and energy to take your lights down and pack them away carefully. Weather damage to lights limits the lifespan, plus they become unsightly and annoying over time. Untangling lights now and packing away in crates and boxes will save heaps of time and irritation next year. Storing in a cool, dry place will preserve the lifetime of you lights.

Have fun, this is the silly season after all. CC xx



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Discounted Electricity Bills.

By: on 17 October 2018
I think electricity billing companies should offer extra discounts for those who have christmas lights displayed during the festive season. After all, we only do it to put smiles on the young and old.

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