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How long will it take for my order to arrive?

2 -7 Business days. This depends on if your delivery address is near a major capital city or whether it is in a remote area.

What is the Warranty on my product?

See our Terms & Conditions. Each item has a different warranty.

Christmas Tree FAQ's

What is the difference between a hinged Christmas tree or a Hooked Christmas tree?

Hooked - The Hooked Christmas tree comes in 3 sections like most trees but has individual branches.
Each one has the fronds bound onto a metal rod that has a hooked end. This end hooks into the trees main frame(trunk). The branches  are either numbered or colour coded so you know which one goes where.

Hinged -  The Hinged Christmas Tree generally comes in 2 or 3 parts with the branches permanently attached to those parts. When you place the  Trunk parts together you hinge down each branch into place. As you hinge each branch down into place, you will pull all the fronds away from the stems to form a bushy branch. It is best to spruce up your Christmas Tree as you hinge the branch down one at a time.

How do I assemble my Christmas tree?

Refer to instructions in box.

Can I get a larger Tree than I can see on this web site?

Yes. But you need to order it between January and April. You can contact us via email on the website.

My Tree doesn't look as Bushy as it did in the shop

Also note that if wanting your Christmas Tree to look full and bushy, always "spruce" all branches. This means pull all fronds away from branch and position in a way that gives equal spacing and leaves no gaps in the appearance of the tree.

Why does my white tree discolor?

Most white trees are made from PVC. If affected by heat, the white PVC with get a yellowish tinge. Do not display or store in direct sunlight. Do not store in a warm place. eg up in the roof space as a lot of heat gathers up there.

LED Rope Light FAQs

Can I use the LED Rope Light outdoors?

Yes, you can use our rope lighting outdoors or indoors if it says so on the box. Always check the instruction accompanied with the product.

But the power plug, cord and controller must be undercover at all times. "Most" of our lights now have waterproof controlers but you still need to have the power source protected from the elements.  It can be used as accent lighting, along aisles or stairs, in night clubs, around patios, pool fences, walkways, along household eaves and more.

Is Rope Lighting waterproof?

Yes, Christmas Completes rope light is "water resistant" if installed correctly.  However, submersing rope lighting in water is not recommended.  Rope light connections are susceptible to water, especially when constantly exposed, and may present a risk if used under water. Be sure not to expose any connections or plugs to water.

Once again, always check the instructions as we occasionally cary lights that are not water resistant. It must have an IP44 rating.

How do I mount rope lights?

Rope lights can be mounted in a number of ways.  The two most common ways are to use mounting clips or Cable Ties. Mounting clips are screwed or clipped onto the mounting surface. You can purchase those in store or web site. The rope lights then snap into them.  Cable ties are an easy way to secure rope lights to poles or other small areas.
NOTE: Adhesives should not be applied directly to the rope light.  This may deteriorate the PVC tube.

Do the LED Globes blow?  

Not usually, they are very good quality but no one can make guarantees on such things.

Can you replace them? 

If one blows do they all go? 

How many meters of rope light can I join?

You can connect up to 50 Metres of "Christmas Complete" connectable rope light. Our newest range of rope light has connections on each end to make joining easy for everyone. We also have "T" intersections that can connect to your rope light so your ropes can easily go in different directions.

How many sets of Christmas Complete Icicle lights can I join with out a transformer?

Why is LED better than the old Rice Light technology?

They are more resilient.
They are much more energy efficient
They are much brighter.
They dont get hot and be a potential Fire hazard.

Why are Christmas Completes LED's better than some?

Because we use clear tubing on the ropes so that when the sun is on them for an extended period of time they do not fade. The colour is in the globe, not the plastic tube. We also source our LED from one of China's most premium LED manufactures.

Plastic Baubles or Glass Baubles?

Glass ball look beautiful but sadly they are very fragile. Plastic balls are very professionally made and decorated now that you can still have a very beautifully decorated tree at half the cost and risk.
Plastic balls are far safer as if they drop off the tree they do not break. Many people have hard floors such as tiled areas now, and when Glass balls fall onto tiles they can smash into many pieces leaving an unsafe area especially for the special little people in the family.

If you still have more questions or a problem with a product, always feel free to contact us (via the "Contact Us"page) and we will endeavour to help you the best we can.